Mahasiswa UII Bantu Sanitasi dan Air Bersih di Pulau Bungin

Bungin Island has the potential to be visited by tourists, but in terms of water and the environment is not adequate.
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AiKite, Startup Peduli Lingkungan Karya Mahasiswa

Aikite is a startup up made by collage students
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Pandemi Covid-19 Tak Menjadi Penghalang Mengukir Prestasi

There are no border for us to reach achievement
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2 Pasang Pengusaha Millennial Asal Indonesia Melaju Ke Final

Two groups of young entrepreneurs from Indonesia were selected to advance in the Singapore International Foundation's (SIF) Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) program.
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Aikite berawal dari kegelisahan melihat pencemaran

The backround story of why Aikite was formed
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2 Wirausaha Sosial Wakili Indonesia di Ajang Young Social Entrepreneurs Singapura

Aikite, being a social business that is considered to have solved the problem of water pollution for people in rural areas.
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Bangga, Tim Indonesia Lolos Seleksi Program Wirausaha Muda International

Now, 29 young change-bringers from 9 countries, including Indonesia, have been selected.
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Cara Millennial Menjaga Bumi

Read this article for your motivation as a young people who want to save the Earth
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4 Tips Lakukan Penelitian Sains dari Nuha Anfaresi

This is the tips and trick for young people to good at scientific fair
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Mahasiswi Asal Sungailiat Wakili Indonesia di Ajang Internasional

Read the story of collage teenagers from Sungailiat join international event
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Shofi Latifah Nuha Anfaresi FTSP UII Meluncurkan Startup

This collage student become CEO of her startup
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Young Water Solutions 2018

Meet up with others young people who manage solution for water management.
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BKPRMI Bangka adakan bincang-bincang hadirkan Nuha

Nuha is an independent, environmentally sensitive child, who ends up doing research with various inspirations, later immortalized in the documentary 'Inventing Tomorrow' by director Laura Nix,
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Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan UII Menangkan Beasiswa dari Pemerintah Swiss

Nuha will travel to Sweden to attend Stockholm World Water Week 2018.
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Kalahkan 430 Peserta dari 65 Negara, Cewek Babel Ini Wakili Indonesia Berkeliling 3 Negara Eropa

Nuha managed to become the 10 best participants from various countries after being selected to beat 430 applicants from 65 countries.
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Celebrating Students and the Power of Science at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival

How old should one be to start solving global scientific problems?
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Anak Bangka dan Stephen Hawking

Meet and get knowing the person by reading this article
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