Bungin Island: A Community-Driven Initiative for Water Body Conservation

This AiKite project tackles the critical issue of water pollution and lack of sanitation facilities on Bungin Island, the most densely populated island in the world. The project empowers the community to address these challenges and improve their living conditions.

Bungin Island faces a severe lack of clean water, sanitation facilities (latrines, waste disposal), and proper waste management, leading to significant seawater pollution.
Public awareness regarding sanitation and waste management is limited
The rising sea level further exacerbates the pollution problem.

Poor sanitation and polluted water pose significant health risks, particularly diarrheal diseases. This project aims to improve sanitation and access to clean water to safeguard the community’s health.

Head of Region
Head of Village
Bungin Island Community

Educational initiatives

Raising awareness about the importance of sanitation and its impact on health.

Environmental protection

Facilitating efforts to prevent water pollution, particularly seawater pollution.

Infrastructure development

Assisting the community in building basic sanitation facilities like clean water sources, latrines, and waste disposal sites.
  • Promoting public participation: Encouraging community involvement through initiatives like cleanliness competitions per neighborhood (RT).
  • Water conservation: Highlighting the importance of waterbody conservation for all community members, from children to adults.
  • Sustainable waste management: Exploring innovative solutions for waste management, including organic waste composting and plastic waste conversion.
  • Culturally sensitive approach: Designing programs that resonate with local wisdom and community kinship principles.
  • Continuous improvement: Maintaining a consistent waste management system and promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and zero-waste practices to safeguard water bodies.

Increased awareness

he Bungin Island community demonstrates a greater understanding of basic sanitation and its importance.

Improved infrastructure

The community has constructed a local disposal site with AiKite’s guidance.

Enhanced waste management

A regular island cleaning schedule has been implemented to reduce waste entering the seawater.

Increased access to clean water

The community’s access to clean water has risen from 20% to nearly 65%, along with improved sanitation and waste disposal services.

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