$1 for earth

clean water, climate justice and nature conservancy

Who We Are

AiKite is a worldwide alliance of environmentalists, water experts, communities, and organizations dedicated to a shared mission: securing clean and safe water, climate justice, and conservation for all living beings on Earth. Founded by a diverse group of passionate individuals from various backgrounds, we are committed to advocating for implementing sustainable water management practices, ensure just energy transition and supporting nature conservation projects worldwide.

What We Do?

Speak Up! Climate Rangers

We raise awareness about the critical importance of clean water for health, enhanced climate for a better ecosystems, and interconnected roles of nature toward our economies. Our campaigns educate the public and policymakers about water conservation, climate justice, and conservation towards nature.

$1 for Earth

We collaborate with local communities to implement clean water, climate and nature conservation projects. These range from constructing wells and water purification systems to restoring natural water bodies and habitats. From ensuring just energy transition to maximize ecosystem to sustain the nature.

A Climate Trailblazer

Partnering with research institutions, we pioneer, initiate, conduct scientific studies aimed at finding innovative solutions to water, climate and environment. Our goal is to advance technologies that can make clean water accessible to all, enhance the climate justice strategy and improve the conservation towards nature.

Where we work?

Our initiatives span the globe, with projects in over 50 countries across continents. From the arid regions of Sub-Saharan Africa to the pollution-affected waterways of Southeast Asia, and the indigenous communities of the Amazon basin, our work is as diverse as the ecosystems we strive to protect.


Got questions? We’re here to discuss making your business sustainable, building net-zero projects, exploring creative and impactful opportunities, and all things sustainability!

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